Monday, July 7, 2014

Who needs a memory? I have a camera.

Dear Uncle George,

If you weren't dead and I was a better texter, I would pull a sort of Britney Spears and text you a note.

And it would read something like this..."We need a break."

I know the last time I wrote on this blog was in March.  It isn't because I don't love you.  It isn't because I needed a break then.  But I do now.

I have been busy.  I hate it when people say that.  I hate it that everyone tells everyone else how busy they are.  Like a badge of honor.  "I am busy.  So busy.  So super busy.  Look at me.  My busy is so much busier than your busy that I barely have time to tell you how busy I am."  I hate it as an excuse.  But it is the truth.  And today, it is mine.

And of course, since my Sea Monster is broken I can't tell you what I have been so busy doing.  You certainly could read all about why I don't know what I have been doing the last four months, but I don't remember which post it was.  But that said, I do remember I wrote one.  And it had some creepy picture of some body part from the stem of a brain.   Nice.  Everybody likes a visual.

Wait!  I have the answer.  I will look at my photography files!

So, I know I took a trip to California to have a tea party with my niece who is my Mini Me (little shout out to Willie Nelson "Free Willie" t-shirt circa 1974)

I know that I went to "Take Your Child To Work Day" with my dad.  So what that I am the oldest one ever in the history of the world to do it.

Personal time was short.  Then I had the whole photography missionary gig to do.

Welcome to spring in the Midwest.  This is Orrick, Missouri.  Home of a F-3 tornado. 
Gee, I sure could have used my dad's hard hat here.

I welcomed home about 25 World War 2 vets from an Honor Flight.  This fella was about 90.  Look how good his skin looks.

I saw a bunch of happy Mormons help the city of Independence beautify a park for kids with special needs.

AND I made a new best friend named Jason or Travis.  I think.  What I particularly liked is that he gave me a tour of his "ink."  And recommended a artist in Blue Springs.  Bless his heart, however, I am true blue loyal to a guy named John Monk.  That is of course, if I finally ever give in and get a henna on my hand.  

(I think his name actually is Jason Mason--for reals)

Hung out with 12 amazing other Missourians at a leadership academy.

Enjoyed every sunset I could get my eyes on.

Collected some money for the poor 

Welcomed home Boyfriend from his two year mission.  
The Girl waited faithfully the entire time.

Saw some really cool looking people.

Enjoyed a pretty spring at the Temple

A pretty wet spring.  :)

Here is where I am at right now....I am leaving in two days to go west.  I am going to drive the Mormon Pioneer Trail from Nauvoo, Illinois to Salt Lake City Utah then to San Diego, California.  

Then I will drive the Mormon Battalion Route home though the Southwest.  

Of course Mrs. Fun will be my chariot.  And I will be gone about a month.  And, once again, I am going alone.

Even you won't be with me, since you didn't do this trip.  I guess that we did your mission last summer.   And now I will do mine.  


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