Monday, March 10, 2014

My Fun Tank Is Full

Written by Uncle George:  May 4, 1907
Rose before 6:30 am.  Ice one quarter inch thick. Turned out a beautiful day.  Made a number of negatives. We made a view of casks, barrels, and wine cellar of Arthur Cambre, who left this property to Benedictine sister, who had the wine emptied out, twenty thousand gallons running down hill.  Dull and cloudy in the afternoon.

Val:  May 4, 2013

Dear Uncle George,

My fun tank regarding Nauvoo is full, as Dave says. Or my wine barrel as you wrote.  Either way, it is beyond full, actually.

I am sick of rain. I am sick of being cold. I am sick of no internet.  I am sick of only eating eggs and toast (well, not really--but I added that in for dramatic effect).  I am sick of reruns of "Golden Girls" on the only station that comes in.  And I am lonely.

You and I, we travel the same.  We go it alone.  We take our time, both on the road and at the sights.  You develop your glass plates when you find a place to do it and I download my images to the "crap top" as The Girl calls it with the sticking space bar and slow internet (hey now, slow is better than none I say). I can't edit because the monitor is too fuzzy, so even after they are downloaded, I can't cull them.  Sometimes, I can't even really tell ifthey (hello sticky space bar) are fuzzy ornot.  Which is nerve-racking because if they are blurry, then I won't know until I get home and then not only will I have wasted my time in 2013 doing these images but then I will have to use more of Mr. Fun's money and come back again in 2014.

Which I know he will really, really love.  Not.
And about the lonely thing.  I am not one who feels lonely.  I remember consciously feeling lonely only a handful of times in my whole life.

Recollecting, I know exactly the time I was the loneliest.

I had traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark for a week on my way to Sweden for a Rotary conference.  I was by myself.  It was not my first time traveling alone or far.  However, it is the first time I arrived somewhere and did not have a place to go.  I was staying in some guy's apartment who had crappy art and it was early morning when I got there.  And he was gone.  All day.  (Yeah, regarding staying in some stranger's apartment...uh, don't tell my parents.  Or my husband).

And you thought I was kidding about the crappy art.
It was of an eskimo dragging a bloody, dead seal 
across the tundra.

So there I was, in broad daylight, in a parking lot in some random country were I didn't speak the language. I had a giant suitcase and carry on.  A single woman.  And I was exhausted from the trip.  Did I mention that it was a grocery store parking lot?  Lots of folks wandering by.  Lots of folks.

Uh, yeah.

I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to stay awake.  So do I lay down in the trees where no one can see me? Or do I sleep in the parking lot?

I slept in the parking lot. On top of my suitcase.  With the carry on as my pillow.  And all the folks wandering by.

I was so afraid.  I didn't know a single person in a country of 5.5 million people.  And I couldn't speak to them even if I could.

Sometimes, one IS the loneliest number.
Nauvoo had nothing on that day in Copenhagen.  Like today.  I saw a guy photographing eagles on the side of the road.  And a sign that September 8th, there will be Mule Festival in Kahoka, which I am not sure where that is since I don't know what state I was driving  through at the time.  There was a giant bull statue by a gas station.  And on the radio (how appropriate) "Small Town" by John Mellencamp (he dropped the Cougar years ago...I don't know, as it was the coolest part of his name).  Wait, let me google it.

The answer:  Cougar was his stage name, he hated it, so he ditched it.  And he was born in 1951, which makes him really really old.

Man, by the time I finish looking up everything on the google, I am pretty sure I am going to be the smartest chick on the planet.  Just sayin'.

Temple Lot

Nauvoo House Cornerstone
that held the Book of Mormon Transcript

Snow-Ashby Duplex

Old Wine Cellar

Corner of Bane and Water Street

Water Street

Red Brick Store

Val's Nauvoo Pictures

Here are some shots from Nauvoo that I really enjoyed.  It rained so much that everything was bolder in color and contrast.

An unexpected sight in Nauvoo

I loved loved the hearts inside the flower

Relief Society Room in the Old Red Brick Store

 Memorial of Joseph and Hyrum Smith
I think I saw every person in Nauvoo climb under those horses

I am not gonna lie.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the Nauvoo trip.
This is in the middle of literally no where.
Proof that if you don't manage your money right in Hollywood, 
you end up dead in a field in Missouri.

Lesson learned, Herbie the Love Bug.

So, I thought I was done with Nauvoo pictures, but today, perusing through them, I realized I have some more that I need to share.  So, psych!  The Nauvoo fun is NOT over yet.  

Where are those barrels full of wine, again?  :)