Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What The Missionary Mostly Saw

Dear Uncle George:

I am in a bit of a conundrum (Like this fancy word?  I learned it from The Girl, who learned it from her 8th grade middle school science teacher....who says public education isn't working?).

Here is my deal.

I take a lot of photographs.  It began when I was about 11 and it has spiraled basically out of control since then.  But given that it took 33 years for it to become a full-blown addiction, I think I am doing good.  If I die at 70 we say, I will really only be an addict for less than half my life.  Which then begs the question if you do something for less than half your life are you really an addict?  Of course, leads into that ever-important question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg.  

Mr. Fun said today he thinks I have about 50,000 images that have to be weeded through.  I know they aren't of professional water-skiing husbands (shout of M.E.).  There are about 18 photos that involve people.  They aren't "selfies."  Ok, well, I think there is one....let me find it:

Speaking of selfies, here is an AWESOME article I think all young women and their parents should read: .  I completely agree with her comments about the posing....arched backs etc....what the heck?  Do you think that looks "sexy?"  First, why at the ripe old age of 13 should you be "sexy?"  Secondly, you look like you need your back popped back into place by my friend, Tracy the chiropractor.

I am pretty sure there about 34,589 of sunsets/sunrises and the rest are of the middle of flowers.  There are some trips sprinkled in there.  I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't even seen all the images from our trip to Alaska, TWO YEARS ago.  I know I looked at some....let me find a couple:

I remember there some sort of reindeer incident

This was a nice family stroll along the river

Perhaps THE strangest site in ALL of Alaska--
And trust me, that is saying something
Wal Mart--Kenai,  AK

You know I was totally open to a family tattoo but you know Mr. Fun--not so much
( I was trying sell the body piercing, but that didn't work out either)

These pictures illustrate my problem.

As I wander about these next two years, I will see a lot of things that won't exactly look very missionary-ish. I am not talking about naughty things like porn or baby kittens (just kidding, seeing if you are still reading intently).  I am talking about things/images that I will not be submitting for mission.  

They may tell a story.  They may not look very "church-y" but they are still things I see.  And as the title says, they are what THIS missionary is saw-ing/seeing.

For example, I went to a car show last week with besties Carol and Dave.  A "Greasarama."  The name itself already says there wasn't a lot of church going on there.  But is was fun.  It was neat to see folks dressed up.  It was a great place to get some photos of rusty, old things which the Church DOES want.  

Uh, wait a minute.  This sounds dumb, but I strangely just answered my own question.

As I was downloading some pictures that I would not be submitting to the Church, it felt weird.  It felt, dare I say, "wrong."  Not that the pictures are "wrong."  They are just wrong for this.  And the Facebook page:

I believe that I have been given an extra dose of God's direction these last two months in regards to the pictures.  I believe because I have the right to act in the name of a missionary and do what missionaries do (they call that a mantle) that I will *KNOW* what I should share here and what will go somewhere else.

So really the title should be "What the Missionary Mostly Saw."

I am glad we had this talk.  You are a great listener.  :)

And regarding my opinion about the chicken/egg question, I am of the opinion the chicken came first.  Clearly.  

Sister Valsy

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